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Exploring the Educational and Training Potential of Cinema

Cinema, like any other art form, has its basis in human experiences. The director, with his work, speaks directly to the audience about the kind of journey he has made in life and how those experiences have taught him new things about himself or the world around him. In this context, we as audience start living the life the director has chosen to share with us. We learn to empathise with the character on screen and become them in their interactions with themselves, others, and their surroundings. We realise slowly the simulation exercise we go through and understand something more based on this shared experience. Cinema - a time machine, a vehicle that travels through geographies (real and fantastical), a keen observer of individuals and societies, a mirror to one's own mind and heart, a chronicler of cultures and peoples, and a storyteller - has the ability to transform us. Viewed with guided appreciation, it provokes introspection and a re-examination of the self.

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Exploring the Educational and Training P
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