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Flick'dup Film Club


Why Should you Join?

Flick’dup Film Club by Breakfast@Cinema is an idea-exchange space for film explorers who like being constantly surprised by the wonders of cinema. The Club’s monthly discussions about our personal readings of a film is the start of what we believe will grow to be a thriving community of cinema lovers, who are excited by the range, forms, ideas, stories, and everything else this global art form with individualistic styles has to offer. The discussions, moderated by our facilitators, are an attempt to appreciate the film thematically, through its images, a balanced socio-cultural-political perspective, and the emotional foundation on which it stands.


How do we run?

A poll by the club members decides the film of the month.

The film should be available on a legal streaming platform to make it easy for all the members to access and view. After the film has been selected, the members have about 2 weeks to watch it as per their convenience. Two weeks later, the members get together in an online meeting room discuss the film. Members can pick and choose the sessions in which they would like to participate.

Members can join the discussion by filling in the registration form and paying a nominal fee of INR 150 per session.


What have we seen so far?




Breakfast@Cinema has been running a film club for some time now.  All our discussions are catalogued on our Letterboxd page. Follow us there and get immersed in exciting discussions on cinema. The film listing is available at the bottom of this page as well.


Upcoming Discussion


Directed by : Michael Haneke

27th March, 2022  |  6.30 to 8.00 PM
To register for this session:
Pay INR 150 by clicking on the applicable button

Previous Discussions

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